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New Year? Bring. It. On.

see this here Salaam lovely readers! Keef halkum? Izayakum? Comment allez-vous tous? How are you all? I can’t believe it has been six weeks since we last chatted! Well, at least since I last had this one way conversation with you all, haha! I truly hope that you have all been having a wonderful winter and holiday season wherever you are in the… Read more →

A Letter to the Monster in My Head

Dear Monster in my Head, Fancy meeting you here, in the darkest depths of my mind. You seem to be showing up a lot. Just chilling in my brain. Finding any tiny corner to take refuge. Bringing me down in my thoughts and causing my emotion and motivation to drop. Trying to control my thoughts before I successfully crush you… Read more →

I want to go somewhere…

Every day, I wake up and I think, “I want to go somewhere.” I want to go somewhere far. I want to go somewhere beautiful. I want to go somewhere where I can try something new. I want to go somewhere where I can taste something delectable. I want to go somewhere where stress is not my enemy yet a… Read more →