“15 Dabke-Worthy Books By Palestinian Authors,” Published at Buzzfeed Books

I’m excited to share that my article, “15 Dabke-Worthy Books By Palestinian Authors,” was published at Buzzfeed Books on September 1, 2021!


Grab your coffee and knafeh and snuggle into these Palestinian books!

I grew up in a household filled with Palestinian culture through literature, folkloric songs and dance, poetry, art, food, and clothing, but it was the stories of my grandmother and my Palestinian immigrant parents that kept me connected to my ancestral homeland. It was these stories that largely influenced my passion for writing, putting my identity as a Muslim Palestinian-American into stories to share with the world. Growing up, I only dreamt of seeing Palestinian authors and their books in bookstores. Words are powerful. They are a large part of our history of resistance. 

Never could I have imagined that I would one day be able to put together a list of well-known Palestinian authored books! It was difficult narrowing them down, but here are 15 illustrious Palestinian authored books, across various genres.

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