A Canvas of Colors at Central Park, NYC

Fall in Central Park, NYC

Last month, I took you with me on my first snow day in Central Park. Today, I’m taking you back in time to last Fall, when November brought a canvas of colors brushed among the leaves and waters of Central Park. The pictures I took burst alive with warmth of Summer leading way into the coming Winter. I had a wonderful time taking pictures of my brother and his friends as they explored the park and had fun joking around. November 22, 2014 was a warm day compared to the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy the play of colors in these pictures as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

[I couldn’t leave myself out of the fun. Pictures of me were taken by my brother. Pictures of my brother and I together were taken by his friend.]

[All images belong to Haneen Oriqat Photography. Logo placement intended for website copyright purposes.]

I hope you enjoyed these pictures!

Keep a lookout for more pictures coming your way soon! 

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