Adventure Diary of a Muslim-American Hijabi, entry #4

acheter reyataz 300 mg Original entry on March 20, 2014

neurontin 600mg I have spent all day in a coffee shop working and catching up on many items that have needed my attention. The only downside of this is it’s the first day of spring, I’m in La Jolla of all places, and I’m sitting behind a window. Surprisingly, I have only had one large soy iced caramel latte. What can I say, I was feeling adventurous. Back to my story. I’m sitting in my usual spot at this coffee shop, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, facing a window covered wall. I love this spot because I can focus on my work for hours and look up to see the outside world and people watch a little when in need of a break. I’m working intensely when two older ladies take a seat next to me. They are speaking in thick accents. I can’t place their language, but it sounds beautiful. They smile and chat to each other excitedly. Right about now, my coffee has been finished for a while and I feel like getting something else because I know I’ll be here for definitely a few more hours. My head is also unsurprisingly throbbing with the threat of a migraine looming into the night. In between them sits a pink box. I watch as they leave it there and come back each with a small pot of hot water, two large mugs, and honey. They open a box to reveal a large piece of layered chocolate and vanilla cake to share, I presume.

Suddenly, I really want some hot tea, which surprises me. I always end my day with a hot dry mint tea and honey, but I have never bought tea outside of the house. (Tea is not to be confused with chai.) As I’m contemplating this move, my grandmother’s voice jumps into my internal conversation and I hear her making my argument to myself:

“Shai??! Meen bidfa3 la shai bara il beit? Wallah basaweel7um a7la kassit shai fi dar! A7la kassit shai ma3 na3na3 wa 3assal kamaan. Balla 7al shai illi mafi ta3im. Isma3ee meeni, a7lalik ishtirilik a7we ma biti3rifi itsawee7a fil beit. Bas kamaan fish a7la min il a7we il 3arabiya. A7lalik itraw7ee wa tishrobilik ishi fi ta3im. Khudee7a mini.”

(Translation: Tea??! Who pays for tea outside of the house? I swear, I’ll make them the best cup of tea at home! The best cup of tea with mint and honey, too. Forget this tea that has no taste. Listen to me, it’s better for you to buy coffee that you don’t know how to make at home. But also there’s nothing better than Arabic/Turkish coffee. It’s best if you go home and have coffee that actually tastes good. Take it from me.)

I love my grandmother with my entire heart and soul. Therefore, I’m taking the advice I think she’d give me if she were here with me! Considering I make delicious coffee at home (just ask family and friends), I prefer the coffee shop atmosphere because I get a lot of work finished while outside of the house with no responsibilities or distractions.

You know what I can’t make? Iced chai. Hot chai in a pot I can do. Iced never comes out as good as I want it… Chai it is!

Am I the only one who randomly hears their grandmother or parents’ commentary in their head when making decisions? No? Just me? That explains a lot.

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