Brooklyn Bridge: Web of Dreams

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

November is when seasons began to change for me in New York, whether they be the actual weather or my experiences. It had also marked three months that I had been on the East Coast. To my joy and surprise, my younger brother came to visit me and explore New York for the first time.The weather had already gotten colder than what Californians usually experience. Yet, the week he came, it was unexpectedly warm and sunny. Exactly how I felt all week knowing family, my little brother, was in the same city. I also took advantage of his visit by taking the opportunity to re-explore the city with my DSLR by my side. My brother, his friends, and my friend became my subjects.

One of my favorite trips was walking along with him across the Brooklyn Bridge on the beautifully warm day of November 24th, 2014. I had already walked the bridge in the morning and at night, more than once. Walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan or vice versa is a true experience of bridging two different worlds, for both Brooklyn and Manhattan are each its own character. More than that, the bridge itself, with its web of iron wires made me feel like I was walking through a web of dreams holding up the bridge. New York is where the dreamers come to find opportunity and experience a world unlike any other in the country. No matter the outcome, the person leaves changed. Forever. 

I hope you enjoy perusing through these pictures as much as I loved taking them.

[I couldn’t leave myself out of the fun. Pictures of me were taken by my brother. Pictures of my brother and I together were taken by my friend.]




[All images belong to Haneen Oriqat Photography. Logo placement intended for website copyright purposes.]



I hope you enjoyed walking with me across the Brooklyn Bridge through my pictures.

Keep a lookout for more pictures coming your way soon! 


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