Development Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass

If you have read my writing or seen my pictures by following me on my Facebook page (facebook.com/haneenoriqatwriter), Twitter (@haneenoriqat), or Instagram (@haneenoriqatphotography), then you know that my favorite place in the country is still Coronado Island in San Diego, California. Being able to sit on the ocean, watching the waves escape underneath the bridge only to crash along the rocks has always given me a sense of calm. Living in San Diego, Coronado was the place that I ran away to when I needed to breathe… Usually with a book, journal, and pen in hand.

The first time my good friend, and former college roommate who now lives in New York, took me to DUMBO park, I couldn’t help but remember my place of serenity back in California. When my brother visited New York, I insisted on taking him there before walking across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. We were blessed that it was a bright and warm day on November 24, 2014.

The ocean will always be where I find endless peace knowing that it is still filled with much opportunity for discovery. One of God’s most beautiful blessings.

[I couldn’t leave myself out of the fun. Pictures of me were taken by my brother.]

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