La Jolla, CA

La Jolla in San Diego, California

“I am a tiny seashell

that has secretly drifted ashore

and carried the sound of the ocean

surging through its body.”

Edward Hirsch

click here for info buy gabapentin online canada As a San Diego native, whenever I need to relax, I always choose a beach location. However, before college, I didn’t have access to a car and went along to whatever beach my family wanted to visit. For college, I had the blessing of attending the University of California, San Diego. UCSD is located in the middle of La Jolla. As students, we were spoiled by being surrounded by one of the most beautiful locations. The vibrancy of downtown La Jolla, the serenity of the Cliffs, and the escape of the ocean was always at our fingertips without the need of a car. La Jolla is now a second home to me and I love traveling around the intimate location, experimenting with my photography. Check in every once in a while as I continue to add pictures from the different locations around La Jolla. Enjoy! 

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