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Quarter of a Century Old

http://myphotography.us/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://myphotography.us/ Asalaamu Alaikum! I think I’m an adult now. Or, at least, I’m supposed to be. I know it’s been forever since I’ve put up a blog post. Forever is quite the understatement. I promised more updates and lots more about my adventures in Palestine last fall, but time has literally escaped from my hands. I haven’t touched my travel pictures… Read more →

View of nature while drinking coffee


webpage I have a thing I do, especially at the most inconvenient of times… I overthink everything. Most people might do this when they’re stressed, worrying about something, or just bored and have nothing better to do. Me? I overthink during every single moment, 60/24/7/4/12/365 (<- did you get that?). Nothing worse than when I overthink at the most inconvenient times.… Read more →

Just a collection of thoughts and renewing of intentions…

https://altofina.co.uk/1051-dte69975-tips-for-dating-a-girl-with-a-child.html Asalaamu Alaikum! I have been trying to find a legit place to study, or rather write, since I started applying for my MFA last year. I have always known about Cosmo’s Coffee Café in downtown La Mesa but I also know that parking sucks. You only get two hour meter parking before you have to pack up your belongings, run… Read more →