The Inspiration Series



What does it mean to you?

Who inspires you?


Women are my inspiration. Women who are strong, independent, fierce, knowledge seekers, changers of the world. They are my inspiration. Women who are allies to each other and support each other in the paths that we choose to take. They are my inspiration. Women who are chasing their dreams to change the world for the better. They are my inspiration.


I grew up surrounded by inspirational women and have aspired to become one. My mother is my number one inspiration. With four children, my mother chose to go back to school and receive her Master’s Degree and then Doctorate Degree, all while juggling a few jobs, raising her children, and running a household flawlessly. She and my father made sure they raised strong, independent, and fierce daughters who continue to seek knowledge with the goal of changing our world for the better. They made sure to raise women who showed their strength by supporting fellow women and being an ally to their work. I want to continue on their work.


A lot of women inspire me and I’m excited to share this project that will highlight women who are inspirational in many ways. I will be featuring and interviewing awesome women in all fields of work. 




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Grandville Sites: I have gathered the links, sites, and information for inspirational women that you must learn more about and support! Gallery: This is a quick place to find the picture, short bio, and link to the interview of each woman who I feature.

Yachimata Interviews: This is where you will find the interview for each of the woman.


Is there a woman that should be featured on my website? Are YOU a woman that should be featured on my website?

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