The [Late] NYC Tourist

Touristy Times in Manhattan, New York City

Six months and a week of my life were spent on the East Coast. While this may not seem like a lot to fellow travelers or those who move around a lot, uprooting my life for six months with no definite return date was definitely an insanely spontaneous and adventurous decision I made last summer. I moved to a city, a state, a side of a country that I had never stepped foot in. Six months and a week struck through my life like lightening, leaving a bright spark of memories… Looking back, sometimes I question whether those six months existed at all. They did. I have the pictures to prove it!

If you have been following my writing, or at least had followed my adventures in New York, you know how hectic my first week in NYC was. Unexpected incidents during my first week forced me to move to Princeton, New Jersey for a little over a month before moving back to Brooklyn. After settling in NJ with my cousin’s family, and after exactly fourteen days into my entire move to the east coast, a friend visiting New Jersey and I headed into NYC for a proper touristy filled day.

Yesterday marked two months since I have been back in California, which is why I am taking you all back to last August! While I hope to share more of my adventures throughout NYC during those six months, the following pictures are a great representation of two Californians enjoying the Big Apple. I will admit that it may not have been the sunniest day, causing my pictures to come out looking gloomy as I struggled with my camera in the strong winds, but I think our smile defined our level of excitement and happiness of that day.

Check back in soon for, what I hope will be, a reflection of my time living as a Californian in New York and of course more pictures! Follow me on Instagram @haneenoriqatphotography for a lot more pictures of my time in NYC. If you’re interested in reading more about my journey and why I made the decision to head to the east coast, check out my previous blog posts! (All links provided below, after the pictures.) 




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Among all the pictures that day, this was my favorite! While the rest were taken by my Canon Rebel EOS T3i, this photo was captured on my iPhone 4S.Lady Liberty was chilling on my shoulder.

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