Winter Wonderland in Central Park, NYC

Snow in New York!

On Tuesday, the 6th of January 2015, I woke up to my first real snowfall in New York! I had already experienced in December, what everyone was telling me is called, flurries of snowflakes that fell but didn’t cover much. On January 6, the new year brought a complete winter wonderland. I thought to myself that if Brooklyn looked this wonderful, then Central Park must look extravagant covered in white. Although friends advised me to stay in and enjoy it from my warm apartment, I quickly got bundled up and left for Central Park to excitedly enjoy the fresh snow. The park was quiet and serene, the severe cold keeping many away.  I thought it would be best to share my most recent pictures from my adventures in New York and will soon begin to move back in time with the rest of my pictures, sharing the rest with all of you. These are a few pictures I took during that beautiful day. Enjoy!





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IMG_6393-LI packed a book, postcards to write for loved ones back in California, and enough pens for everyone around me, but surprisingly forgot my journal. After an hour, I found a few benches and wiped off the snow from one of them. When I’m looking for inspiration, I like to reread paragraphs from my favorite young adult novel, but I couldn’t focus from the cold. I took out the postcards and suddenly a scene for one of my novels started to write itself in my head. Without my journal, I just went ahead and used the brown bag that held my postcards. When the writing spark hits, nothing can stop it.


I hope you enjoyed these pictures of my first New York winter wonderland.

Keep a lookout for more pictures coming your way soon! 

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